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Work pressure- Insomnia, related effects and Tips

Work Stress Comments Off on Work pressure- Insomnia, related effects and Tips

We are all are all aware of the fact the growing level of work pressure is becoming the major reason for all kinds of health related issues. Apart from taking a toll on physical health, stress is making people cripple mentally too. Growing levels of stress causes blood pressure to shoot up, diabetes to seep in, giving way to heart and obesity related problems. While mentally, high level of strain is causing depression, irritation, impulsive behavior and short temperament. Though, on the surface these ailments might not look grave, but with passage of time they can lead to complex physical health and behavioral attributes

High levels of anxiety and tension to meet goals, score maximum in KRA’s (Key Responsibility Area), juggle between various assignments, preparation of reports etc., makes sleeping difficult. With so many thoughts and tensions hovering over the mind, sleep comes with a lot of difficulty as these thoughts won’t just sway away, however hard you try.

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If you are lying wide awake even after you have gone to bed and switched off lights for over an hour or two, are thinking about job related activities throughout, and it is becoming a regular practice – then you are suffering from work pressure- insomnia. If you wake up feeling unrefreshed almost every other morning, you may be suffering from insomnia. If you are having trouble falling asleep and are constantly planning “numbers” and “charts” in your head even after switching off your laptop hours ago, you might be suffering from work pressure- insomnia.

If you bring home your work, even if it does not imply physically, but metaphorically, the statement sounds true to you, then it will soon result in sleep deprivation. Around 48% Americans have reported insomnia occasionally, which is obviously not a very healthy statistic. It is also loss of productivity that insomniacs soon start suffering from, apart from reduced sleep, accompanied with high levels of frustration, impatience, annoyance and impolite behavior.

Given below are few natural tips to manage wok pressure and reduce work-related anxiety to beat insomnia and related problems:

  • Start with meditation. Simple, but an effective practice. Sit anywhere in a quiet place and concentrate on breathing for next half an hour. You will feel not only feel rejuvenated but it will help keep tensions at bay, sharpen your decision making abilities and manage stress better. Practice the same while at bed in sleeping position and you will soon be able to bid goodbye to insomnia.

  • Yoga sessions or swimming are great stress busters. Both will help cool your body, calm your mind and relax your nerves apart from giving you a physical workout. This thus would help you get a sound sleep at night.

  • Listen to music when you are tired. Music plays a vital role in healing your mind and soothes senses. It will help you revitalize and unwind. When stress is lower sleep is sweeter. What music can do, no medicine can.

  • Take tub-bath with aromatic rejuvenating oils. The effect of aroma therapy will help ward off stress and keep anxiety at bay. While a bath will make you feel refreshed and calm after a long day’s work. When you are feeling lighter physically and mentally, sleep will come much easily.

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