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High Salary Jobs in India

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The job scenario in India is growing by the day, offering employment to nationals and international citizens. The salary offered is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while selecting a job. Listed below are some jobs in India which offered employees the highest salaries in the financial year 2011 – 2012.

Career in Management – Management professionals in India earn the most in the present financial system.  The corporate sector in India is booming and the demand for management executives is on the rise as each company has employees who take care of recruitment, financial dealings and the overall security of the organization. A top brass management position demands MBA or PGDM from a premier institute such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and IBS (International Business School).

Career in IT and Software – The reason for the growth of this sector lies in outsourcing jobs which are in demand all over the world. Software engineer, software developer and quality assurance engineer are the highest paying positions in this sector. An engineering degree (BE / B.Tech) from institutes like the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) and NITs (National Institutes of Technology) will help the applicant to apply for the topmost positions in a software firm.

Career in Airlines Industry – With the advent of private airlines in the aviation industry, job opportunities have increased. Pilot, captain, support personnel, air hostess, air traffic controller and ground staff are the main positions applied for in airlines industry.  Graduate with a specialization in aviation courses can apply to these jobs.

Career in Chartered Accountancy – Chartered accountants are in demand in the banking, finance and corporate sectors. The chief tasks of a CA are to calculate the financial forecast of a company, make financial strategies and supervise personnel who are undertaking finance actions for the company. The CA examination is divided into different stages, controlled by the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in India) and takes five years to complete after school.

Career in Medicine – Doctors and other medical professionals can earn irrespective of economic condition of market. Doctors can work in government hospitals, private hospitals, private clinics or start their own practice. MBBS is the elementary degree for a career in medicine; MD is required for a career growth.

SAP Consultant – The personnel who help in developing hi technology services for a company thus enabling an organization to control business operations with national and foreign units are called the SAP consultants. SAP Consultant education is a short term course that can be pursued after graduation.

Career in Law – Mastering the legal system of the country and defending clients based on that system can earn a lawyer lakhs and sometimes crores in a single case. There are government and private corporate practice options for lawyers and advocates. They can also start their own legal firm. LLB and LLM are the essential educational qualifications.

Showbiz – Modeling and acting are the chief sectors of the showbiz sector of the Indian economy. The earnings from these professions are not regular but very high for a single project. No specific educational background is required to become a model or actor.

Oil and Natural Gas Sector – Marine engineers, offshore drillers and geologists are the highest paid positions of the oil and natural gas sector of the Indian economy. Overseas posting is an integral part of working with this sector. Graduates in science and geography can apply to jobs in the oil and natural gas sector.

Sports and Games – Salary from this sector also depends more on performance than on qualifications. Any person with the skill for a sport is selected for the national level team. A sportsperson has to play for district levels at the beginning of career.

Salary in India

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