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Myths of Salary Negotiation

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“You must  have heard or thought of numerous hypes and myths about negotiating salary. These myths may end up spoiling your deal and goof up your interview. This blog shall help you to know such hypes and prevent from spoiling your deal.”

Negotiation occurs at the time when you agree to work together for the common goal of the organisation. It means you are in the last stage of agreement to work and you are negotiating the cost in lieu of your work. Negotiating is your right but you should exercise to have the best deal with effective and efficient cost to your work and efforts that you will give. To have a best deal you should also look up to the hypes and myths about negotiating salary which shall take you nowhere but ruin your deal.

Here are some Top 5 Myths About Negotiating Salary

1) Employer dislikes to negotiate

Fact: Negotiation is the last stage of agreement. In this last stage, you should not afraid of negotiating. You are providing your services and in lieu of it you put your cost in front your employer. They will value your efforts and negotiating with them is exercising your right. This would not be annoying to them at all.

2) Focus on the end result or whole package

Fact: You tend to have so much of concern about the whole package. In order to increase the package, they would cut your in-hand salary. There are many allowances and benefits which will be of no use. Focusing on whole package at the end would erode your expectations, when salary in hand gets credited to your account.

3) Don’t be first to ask for salary

Fact: Asking for salary is your right. If you won’t ask for it, then the employer will directly state it in your offer letter without asking your choice. And changes in offer letter would ruin your first impression. You should be aware with the company’s expectations or related company offers to state the number in such a way to extract the maximum because if you quote too high or low, you would lose the game.

4) Negotiate actively and never leave the chance to drop

Fact: This is an absolute myth. You should have some point to drop down. This is to gain the confidence of employer. So that they should also feel that negotiation has also kept in their part.

5) Stating high quote will settle to your expectation

Fact: If you state high quote, it will later settle to your expectations. This is not true. If you state too high or too low and settling in the  middle would raise the question on your reliability.


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