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  • Top 10 Business Magazines in India

    Top 10 Business Magazines in India

    One of the best ways for entrepreneurs, corporate honchos and consultants to stay abreast with the latest happenings in business would be through business magazines. Not only are they availing the sea of information related to a host of arenas like economy, finance, retail, banking etc, they are also being able to shape their present and future business plans as per the in-depth analysis of the latest business trends around, from these magazines.   List […]

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  • Salary Opportunities for CA in Delhi and Mumbai

    Salary Opportunities for CA in Delhi and Mumbai

    CA through ICAI is really a hard core study corporate work and accounting standard. This course need lots of hard work in mental form. But a qualified CA is highly valuable for private sector as well as for government sector. The Course structure of CA is designed in such a manner that entitles them to handle various tasks of corporate management and accountability like : Tax compliance, Auditing, Account management, Financial Reporting Financial Analysis. National […]

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  • Job Hopping – Good or Bad?

    Job Hopping – Good or Bad?

    “Is job hopping bad? The question has been very old debating over it. Let’s first know what  job hopping means and its consequences in career path. Further, we will discuss its impact on salary.” Job hopping is to change the companies or organisations in a short period due to one’s own violation  instead of layoff or company’s closure. Your CV with a long list of short term jobs could perceive to be incapable of sticking […]

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  • Does Industry certification extract more salary?

    Does Industry certification extract more salary?

    Job hunting for freshers has become difficult due to zero level of experience and little knowledge about the industry. And at the time of market slowdown, it becomes difficult to find job with less experience and less industrial exposure. Industrial certification is boon to these freshers. It increases the marketability of the candidate and increases the chance of selection with higher salary packages. In this digitalised era, there are many Industrial certifications which can be […]

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