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5 Lakh Jobs likely In India in 2012

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2012 is here!!! With its arrival it has brought a lot of new surprises for job seekers. In spite of the fluctuating economic scenario, experts hold the opinion that in 2012 companies are all set to recruit as many as five lakh new employees. Besides, this year expects to surprise employees with double digit salary hikes. To be more specific, according to Hay Group, the country can experience a total employment  rise of 12% across various sectors in 2012. Now, with last years percentage being stuck at 11%, India is sure to stand at a better place this year.  Global Hunt’s director has pointed out additional job vacancies in all domains depending on the market situation and government policies. To add to his words, Vice President of Elixir Consulting has further specified that the ITeS and IT sector will solely generate about three lakhs jobs in this year.
Future of Private Sectors
With Healthcare, Education, IT and Hospitality fields burgeoning, it wouldn’t be over-optimistic to think that the scenario of private jobs in India is soon to change for the better. While IT companies including HCL, Cognizant, Wipro, IBM and TCS have geared up their recruitment process both off-campus and on-campus, the hospitality sector is not left behind either. Hotels like Oberoi, Taj etc. and hospitals including Fortis and Apollo are looking forward to provide greater job possibilities to both experienced candidates and freshers. conducted a recent survey wherein over 13, 960 employees participated.  Amongst this,  5% were part time job holders, 14% had their own business and 81%  were full time job holders. It is reported that about 50% of people who had resigned last year and undertaken the survey are likely to come up with better job opportunities by the first quarter of 2o12.

Outlook of the Government Sector in 2012
Similar to the private sector, the demand for government jobs in India is also expected to grow in 2012. The health department aims at increasing the job vacancies by 40% and train more health practitioners and nurses so as to cope with emergencies like natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks etc. With air travel turning out to be all the more common, the government is also expected to improve the airport capacities. Now, this action certainly calls for additional number of air and land staff members. Besides, an increase in ground transportation jobs is also expected considering the need to keep off from traffic congestion. A number of civil servant and defense force jobs are also anticipated to go high by this year. By introducing an increasing number of job opportunities, the government aims at luring the overseas troop back to their home country.


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