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Job Hopping – Good or Bad?

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“Is job hopping bad? The question has been very old debating over it. Let’s first know what  job hopping means and its consequences in career path. Further, we will discuss its impact on salary.”

Job hopping is to change the companies or organisations in a short period due to one’s own violation  instead of layoff or company’s closure. Your CV with a long list of short term jobs could perceive to be incapable of sticking in one place This will add negative points to your CV and would decrease the chance of selection. Job hopping also restricts the employees to below average packages.

Whom does it favour.

Job hopping, considered to be bad for a prosperous career. But, it does favour few people. The person who realises the  opportunities soon and hit the hammer at the right time would fetch the favorable results to the person. But outcome work for short term and in the long term they would have to look for the stability in their career.

For the employer,who are seeking employees for short periods and where revealing short period contract is good  would help job hopper. These types of employers are willing to work with job hoppers.

IT is advised to..

Although, one cannot work for the single employee, in whole life or work for him for long periods. It is better to fetch better opportunities rather than staying in one place. But staying for a long time can become an obstruction to your career. It is advised to join the company for medium term and the change it after gaining required skill to move to higher path. The main reason for considering job hopping a bad ideology is the break in continuity and insecurity to the employer regarding spoiling the productivity and efficiency.

How does salary affected?

The salary of the job hopper  is less than the regular employees. The regular employees are given the incentives and companies are also providing huge benefits to retain the efficient employees. There are many social security benefits and other benefits like gratuity provided by the company to retain for long periods. These types of benefits and allowance are not provided to job hoppers This creates the difference in the salary of job hopper and regular employees and job hopper finds difficulty in finding jobs, which lead them to accept the low packages provided by the employer. So, the job hopping seriously affects the salary.


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