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  • Myths of Salary Negotiation

    Myths of Salary Negotiation

      “You must  have heard or thought of numerous hypes and myths about negotiating salary. These myths may end up spoiling your deal and goof up your interview. This blog shall help you to know such hypes and prevent from spoiling your deal.” Negotiation occurs at the time when you agree to work together for the common goal of the organisation. It means you are in the last stage of agreement to work and you […]

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  • Difference between offshore and Onsite salary

    Difference between offshore and Onsite salary

    There are many companies, which send their employees to work overseas, and it is in the client’s country.  It is called on-site job.  There is a huge difference between the salary paid in on-site jobs and in offshore jobs.  When the same project is offshored, it often happens in the country, where the company or the service providers is based.   For example, many outsourcing companies in India offer peanuts when it comes to paying […]

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  • IPL 2016 Players Salary

    IPL 2016 Players Salary

    Actual Salary details of retained IPL players Sr. No Team Player Country Purse Deduction (INR) Actual Salary (INR) 1 Team Pune Steven  Smith Australia 55000000 40000000 2 Team Rajkot James Faulkner Australia 55000000 51000000 3 KXIP Manan Vohra India 40000000 3500000 4 KKR Gautam Gambhir India 125000000 100000000 5 MI Rohit Sharma India 125000000 115000002 6 MI Harbhajan Singh India 55000000 80000000 7 MI Ambati Rayudu India 40000000 60000000 8 RCB Virat Kohli India 125000000 […]

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  • Top 10 Business Magazines in India

    Top 10 Business Magazines in India

    One of the best ways for entrepreneurs, corporate honchos and consultants to stay abreast with the latest happenings in business would be through business magazines. Not only are they availing the sea of information related to a host of arenas like economy, finance, retail, banking etc, they are also being able to shape their present and future business plans as per the in-depth analysis of the latest business trends around, from these magazines.   List […]

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